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As we've been doing for many, many years, the Old Guys attended the 2015 Daytona Turkey Run, which is held on the infield of the (currently being completely remodeled, and it looks great) Daytona International Speedway.

Here's the recap of our weekend:

THE TURKEY RUN:  The show draws tens of thousands of spectators, about 5000 show vehicles, lots of cars for sale, more vendors than you can see in one day, dozens of food vendors, and much more.

As usual, it was well organized, and entering the Speedway and going through registration were quickly accomplished. Our reserved car club (Turn Four right next to the entrance/exit tunnel) parking spaces were a BIG plus. For more info about the Daytona Turkey Run, visit their website.

THE WEATHER:  You can expect it to be either hot or cold, and can always count on at least a little rain. This year, the weather was perfect, with mostly sunny and cool days, and no rain.  It was the best weather we can remember.

THE HOTEL:  For years, the Old Guys have stayed at the same mom-and-pop hotel on the beach. Gradually, they increased our nightly rate, until this year, when they finally priced themselves out of the market.

We opted for a hotel just north of the Speedway, and found that the rooms were nicer, there was more parking, and a plus was both a restaurant and a lounge.  Most everyone staying there either had a show car, or was a show vendor.  It's also more convenient to the Speedway, with virtually no traffic to deal with.

If you want to enjoy the evening beachside (we didn't), it's only about a fifteen minute ride.  We've found a new home!

MEMORABLE QUOTES:  Sonny says to Ed, “Damn!  I knew I forgot something!  I was supposed to bring you that set of tailgate hinges for your wagon.”  Ed says to Sonny, “You already gave me those hinges about a year ago!”

Packard Bill says to us all, “I've been coming to the Turkey Run for years, and this is the first time there's nothing in the swap meet that I need.”  Later that afternoon, we watched as he loaded a huge compressor into his back seat, and he could well have sneaked some other purchases into his trunk when we weren't looking.

Wednesday, when we arrived, I told the Old Guys, “After nearly twenty-five years, this would be my last Turkey Run.”  After a couple days, I was asking the hotel manager if it was too early to reserve a room for next year.

IN CLOSING:  The Daytona Beach Street Rods, with lots of help from several other car clubs, host a first-class event, and we commend them for all they do.  It gets bigger and better every year, and the Old Guys will be back next year!

Author: Tara

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