Lake Mary Monthly Cruise

Contributed by Paul Jordan – Canadian resident

Palm trees, sunshine and blue skies! How I love to drive to Florida during our Canadian winters. After a most excellent evening enjoying the Old Town, Kissimmee cruise the previous night, and a good hotel supplied hot breakfast, I headed out from my hotel. I do not fully trust my GPS yet and still mainly rely on old fashioned, but always dependable maps and written instructions.

Not many miles out, and all part of the huge urban Orlando area, 1-4 took me north to the Lake Mary exit then to Country Club Road. I then turned east to the downtown area and, in a beautiful park shaded by large, mature oaks, the automotive get-together was already underway. Every parking spot had long earlier been taken by the estimated 175 attending vehicles.

I pulled up beside a familiar looking blue C-2 Corvette roadster sporting side pipes. I sure thought I'd see good  ole Buddy ‘Doug' with his wife ‘Mary'. Nope, this was ‘Bullet' Bob Nola with his wife Kim. Both retired teachers, they regularly enjoyed this monthly car show.

Photo 01Bob had ordered this very Corvette in October of 1964. It still sported its original 327 cu. in. small block with a 4 speed trans and had travelled 260,000 miles. He currently enjoys using it for low speed autocrosses. Like Doug, he possessed a life-time of interesting, but useless information. I could have talked with him and his wife for hours but this show only ran officially from 11:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. I knew that after 2:00 P.M., these groups usually disperse pretty quickly. Unbelievably, it was very hot…well into the upper 80's! I wanted an Old Autos report. I left and walked into the show, free to everyone and no restrictions regarding year or model.

Photo 07I didn't recognize Tara Bush's 1967 blue Oshawa-built Acadian S.D. As I took photos of her car, she recognized me! I had met her at the Geneva, Florida Luau pumpkin car show back the fall of 2012. (See Old autos issue number #23, December 3rd, 2012 page 11(A). I always follow up when I promise things and she had received my report of four years ago. I felt grateful to be part of this fraternity of car nuts which spreads out everywhere around the world…and, it is a small world!

I hobbled around taking photos and getting this report. The background music of DJ Don Musica drifted through the cloudless skies. I had to take many breaks and sit down. It was hot.

Sure enough, just before 2:00 P.M., a big exodus of show vehicles began. I wanted to get more photos but I'm always told not to include too many. I snapped a few quick shots as they left. I talked to members of the Mustang club who stayed around for a bit. I then herded my own top-down Mustang west to 1-4 and southward to more summer-like adventure on Florida's west coast.

Photo 02 Photo 03 Photo 04 Photo 05 Photo 09Photo 10Photo 16Photo 15Photo 14Photo 13Photo 06

Author: Tara

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