Combustion Chamber – 2002 Dodge Viper GTS

Submitted by Casey J. Porter, video/photographer

Owner Jim Cameron

Combustion Chamber is a new You Tube show featuring very special cars, the drivers, and the stories behind it. From Exotic Supercars to American Muscle, and Custom Trucks, Casey finds out what makes these Florida vehicles so unique.

This episode features a V-10 8 liter 488 engine 2002 Viper GTS.  It is not only unique because it's a limited production Viper, or that it's been modified, it's also unique because it's part of the Final Edition series. This viper is number 46 out of only 360 of these special editions made. 

While this car is unique; and there's not many of these units produced, the owner, Jim Cameron, is not afraid to drive it. In fact in this episode it features not only one, but two slow-motion burnouts for a good cause. A young boy named Jacob who is currently battling cancer loves cars. So Jim and the show's host, Casey J Porter, set out to roast the Perelli's on this V-10 beast.

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Author: Tara

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