Tinting a Classic

Contributed by Tara Bush.  Video by Pete Muller, Tint World Longwood


My preference is that classic cars stay original or restored to original.  For two reasons: the manufacturers already spend millions on design and it is timeless.  Trends come and go, plus aftermarket enhancements can be challenging to fit with one another.  I can certainly appreciate the work, money and horsepower 29873301_1989821097939124_429591925331198594_oinvolved in an protouring designed vehicle and often envy the attention they receive.  Honestly, I also envy their modern day comforts.   I didn't want to hide away during the summer months due to the heat and humidity.  So it was a big step for me to install vintage air conditioning in my 1967 Acadian several years ago.  It worked okay as long as the vent is directly facing a body part at all times, but the other parts are still suffering.   The sun is heating up the inside as fast as the AC can cool it 32511992_2009017966019437_6934803682458337280_odown.  A friend told me about a high-quality, nearly clear tint that blocks 80% of the sun's heat entering through the windows.  I was skeptical of taking my classic to one of those outside tent places that specialize in off-the-roll tint for average daily drivers.  How would they treat a classic with different angles and little vent windows?

The owner of Tint World Longwood started attending our local shows with his Viper, so I decided to pay him a visit.  The shop was clean and full of show cars so that was a good sign.  Plus they do more than tint; like audio upgrades, security alarms, detailing, and more.  It was finished a few hours later and they kept it inside out of the rain until I could retrieve it.  I was informed by the installer that classics take twice the amount of time than a modern day muscle car, however he thoroughly enjoyed it.  I never realized how much is involved in fitting this thick film to different shapes of windows until I saw this video that Tint World made.  Now my classic has a simple modern upgrade that no one can see, plus I'll be able to enjoy the A/C even that much more.



Author: Tara

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