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Classic muscle car show & cruise at Old Town Kissimmee Florida Saturday
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Classic muscle car show in Kissimmee Florida on Fridays
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car show in kissimmee florida at old town

Consigning Your Classic

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Classic car auction in zephyrhills florida on february 12 13
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Contributed by Russ Muller Photography

You’ve spent years finishing your classic car project, you’ve enjoyed driving/showing it for a while, and now you want to get a different classic. Sure, you can sell it on your own but then you have to deal with the tire-kickers, time-wasters, and the possibility of having people come to your home with less than honorable intentions. Or, you can consider selling your car by consignment with a dealer. We’ve all heard some horror stories about how some consignment companies do Classic Car Consignmentbusiness, but there are some who do it right. One of those is Past and Present Motor Cars of Winter Garden, FL. I’ve personally known them from Day 1 (before Day 1 actually), and how they approach consigning your car is different from the other places. First a little background on the company…

Past and Present Motor Cars is the dream/vision of Jack Lazinsk and Jeff Losapio. Jeff was building cars and selling them to Jack, and Jack was reselling every car he bought. So after a while, they decided Jeff would build cars and Jack would sell them and Past and Present Motor Cars was born. They have recently celebrated their 2nd anniversary in business. They specialize in a very specific product, 1970 Chevelle Super Sports, and as of June have sold 64 of them so far Classic Car Consignmentthis year. They have branched out and sold other cars as well, including Camaros, Corvettes, Bel Airs, and others. According to Jack, “one of the areas of the business we underestimated was consignment. As we started out, we bought and sold cars. Before you know it, people were saying ‘why don’t you sell my car for me?’ and over time we have sold a lot of cars that way. Some months, 50% of our sales can be from consignments”. They have a unique approach to consignments that sets them apart from the “other” consignment dealers that you have heard about…

Classic Car Consignment

“We sell your car for free,” Jack said. “Now, here’s what that means. We will pick up the car, wherever it is. We can pick up cars all over the country. We’ll send a truck through our business Past and Present Shipping, pick up a car and bring it to our showroom. We’ll give it a professional detailing, a professional photoshoot, and we’ll place it on 37 websites for sale. Through that, I and our sales team will respond to inquiries and follow up on leads and inbound calls, and we’ll get the car sold.”

Classic Car ConsignmentHow is it free to the customer, you ask? Here’s how it works. If the customer wants, say $30,000 for their car, then they will get $30,000 for it when it sells. Anything above that will help to pay for the sales team, the marketing, the photoshoot, the detailing, and the shipping. Those costs all come out of Past and Presents side of the sale. If they can’t get enough above the $30,000 to cover their costs they either won’t sell it or they will give the seller the option to consider the lower offer. But in reality, they get most sellers exactly what they want. You can view customer testimonials on their website that confirm the experiences customers have had.

Classic Car ConsignmentTheir consignment sales volume actually caused them to need to move into a larger showroom, which they did earlier this year. They have a lot of consignment vehicles on display for local customers in their new showroom. For out of town customers, they can do videos, photo shoots, and Face Time videos where they can put a car up on their lift to show all of the vehicle details so an out of towner can have the same experience as if they visited in person. Consignment sellers essentially get free storage, and free sale of their car. Most of the consignment cars sell within 60-90 days, if not sooner. It’s really a win-win-win model; the buyer wins, the seller wins, and Past and Present wins by having the opportunity to sell a car to another happy customer. Also, every car goes through a 25 point safety check when it comes in and before it goes out when it sells, to ensure the vehicle is safe. “We don’t Classic Car Consignmentalways get the margin we’d like on every car,” according to Jack, “but we have the ability to negotiate our rate. That’s something that some of those bigger consignment companies can’t do.” And, they get a lot of referral business from past (and present) customers who have had a great experience with Past and Present.

One important note that I’d like to add, for anyone who has heard horror stories of other consignment places selling cars and not paying the sellers. You do not sign over the title of your vehicle to Past and Present when you consign the car. They have a one page consignment agreement that clearly spells out the responsibilities of both the consignor and Past and Present, and they exchange payment for title at the end of the sales transaction. So you’re never at risk of getting taken advantage of when you consign your car with them.

If you’d like more information on how you can sell, consign, or buy a classic car through Past and Present Motor Cars, please visit their website at, call or text them at (407) 559-7759, or schedule a visit to their showroom at 738 Business Park Blvd. Winter Garden, FL 34787.

Classic Car Consignment Classic Car Consignment Classic Car Consignment Classic Car Consignment

Author: Tara

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