Classic muscle car show & cruise at Old Town Kissimmee Florida Saturday
Classic muscle car show & cruise at Old Town Kissimmee Florida Friday


mazda classic orlando florida

car show in kissimmee florida at old town

mazda classic orlando florida

Ceramic for your Classic…YES

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classic mazda orlando

mazda classic orlando florida

Contributed by Steve Calafato, Resurrection Auto Detailing

Ceramic on the shelf at your big box store? NO!

Professional ceramic from a trained installer? YES!

For your cherished classic car? DOUBLE YES!!

Ceramic CoatingCeramic coatings appeared on the car market about 7 years ago. Like a car wax on “steroids”, ceramic revolutionized the ultimate in auto paint protection. Once people saw the deep color, stellar reflection and unsurpassed protection against scratches, scuffs and abrasions, ceramic became the benchmark for paint protection. Conversely, when the consumer saw the price of a professional ceramic application, they hesitated. This gave birth to the $17 bottle of ceramic at yourCeramic Coating auto parts store. This marketing ploy became highly incorrect that this is your shine solution. On the back of that bottle, there is a story not being told!

Ceramic CoatingA trained professional ceramic installer knows paint correction technique. Paint correction or the “machine rub-out” is necessary for the professional ceramic to perform. Since ceramic magnifies your paint's shine, all scratches and blemishes need to be removed. If not, the ceramic will highlight all your paint's imperfections. More or less, EVERY classic car has imperfections. These imperfections need to be removed or that $17 bottle of so called “ceramic” will fail. Quick. fast and cheap is what that bottle provides. Read the back of that bottle, paint correction is not mentioned.

Your classic car is the PERFECT candidate for a professional ceramic coating. Your paint's finish is what the car show judges see immediately. Deep shine, stellar reflection, superior smoothness and a flawless FIRST impression wins contests. Professional ceramic gets that trophy handed to you! Like peanut butter and jelly, professional ceramic and your classic car is a made-in-heaven match!

Worried about leaving your car at a shop and searching for a ride to and from, Steve solves that problem…he comes to you.  He has the tools and will travel.  Give him a call at (727) 823-2500 or

Ceramic Coating Ceramic Coating Ceramic Coating

Author: Tara

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