Classic muscle car show & cruise at Old Town Kissimmee Florida Friday
Classic muscle car show & cruise at Old Town Kissimmee Florida Saturday


mazda classic orlando florida

car show in kissimmee florida at old town

mazda classic orlando florida

The Struggle is Real

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classic mazda orlando

mazda classic orlando florida

Contributed by Russ Muller Photography

I admit it, I have a problem. A good problem I guess, but a problem nonetheless. And it’s one I never expected. Every time that I am getting ready to go to a cruise in, I struggle with whether to take the old car or the new one.  Here are the choices…

1971 Pontiac Grand PrixThe Grand Prix, aka the BGP (big green Pontiac). It’s a ’71 Model J, with a 455, Turbo 400 and most of the luxury options available at time (A/C, power windows, tilt). The Tropical Lime paint is a color that you don’t see every day, and the white vinyl top and white interior compliment it nicely. With just over 62,000 miles, it is a survivor that loves to cruise. I’ve taken it on the Hot Rod Power Tour and cruised it through nine states with several thousand cool cars. The Morrokide vinyl seats guarantee that you will have a sweat ring on your back and your butt after about 30 minutes of driving, and the temperature gauge starts to creep up when you’re stuck in traffic with the A/C on.  But it’s a great reminder of what driving a 1970’s car really feels like, and the experience is always enjoyable.

2020 Ford Mustang GTThe Mustang. It’s a ’20 GT, with the 5.0 Coyote and a 6-speed manual and 3.55 rear. The Iconic Silver color is fairly low-key, and the black interior is pretty basic. Sure, it has power windows, tilt, cruise, etc. These are all expected in modern cars, even though they were luxury items in 1971. The Coyote produces 460 horsepower, and Traction Control lets you get into the car without getting out of control. The power is plentiful, and the car just feels more and more dialed in the harder you drive it. It can cruise on the highway at 80mph and return 25 mpg (compared to the 10 mpg of the Pontiac), it has a useable trunk, and feels as comfortable carving curves as it does going in a straight line.

1971 Pontiac Grand PrixSo, what to do. Do I take the classic or the modern car? The good news is that either choice is a win. Each car has a unique personality and requires a different mindset while driving it. The Mustang has 4-wheel disk brakes with giant calipers and can stop on a dime. The Pontiac needs a little more space to stop. The Pontiac gets looks and thumbs-up from strangers. The Mustang blends into the landscape wherever you are. Both cars feel good when you get on them. The sound of the Pontiac’s Quadrajet opening up is music to a car guy’s ears, but the Mustang gets to “fast” a lot more quickly than the Pontiac does.

As a classic car guy, I didn’t expect the Mustang to be as appealing as it is. It competes for the time that I normally would spend with the Grand Prix, and sometimes it wins. I know it’s a good problem to have, but the struggle is real…

1971 Pontiac Grand Prix

Author: Tara

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