Classic muscle car show & cruise at Old Town Kissimmee Florida Saturday
Classic muscle car show & cruise at Old Town Kissimmee Florida Friday


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car show in kissimmee florida at old town

mazda classic orlando florida

Paint Correction 101

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classic mazda orlando

mazda classic orlando florida

Contributed by Steve Calafato, Resurrection Auto Detailing


The “Rub-Out” is the Ceramic key!

In my last article, I stated the importance of the paint correction step. This step removes all the light circular scratches, blemishes, and general paint imperfections your classic displays. If you apply ceramic, (professional only), to the paint, all those paint imperfections will be magnified 10x fold. Ceramic magnifies paint gloss, color depth and hue reflectivity. It will cause all paint imperfections on your classic to “pulsate” like a sore thumb. Therefore, a professional paint correction removes, corrects, and rubs-out the normal surface blemishes your classic has.

Ceramic Coating 2

Ceramic Coating 2What's the recipe for a professional paint correction?

After an exterior wash and claying of the paint's surface, here are your ingredients:

  1. Professional Dual-Action Buffer:  This machine rotates and vibrates against the paint between 5000-7000 rpm. If not trained properly to utilize this machine, this can be a chainsaw in your hand.
  1. Paint Correction Pad:  This Velcros to the buffer's head. Whether it's a foam or microfiber pad, you apply the liquid compound to this. As you press the pad against the paint, pressure, heat, speed, friction, and rotation spins and lifts your paint imperfections and oxidation from your classic's paint. The pad overtime, will become darker, indicating this visual face-lift, you're performing.
  1. Aluminum Oxide Compound:  This liquid aluminum oxide compound is THE magic. Squirt 6-7 dime size drops on the pad and go. The compound generates heat and friction to remove all your paint's imperfections. You machine compound all the paint, glass, chrome, headlight, taillight, and fiberglass surfaces. The duration of this paint correction process can last 4 to 8 hours. Furthermore, all delicate trim work MUST be taped-off to protect the trim from any buffer damage. The compound now, won't accumulate and “white-out” around your trim work.
  1. Aleve..Advil..BioFreeze or Blue Emu:  Every joint and muscle will remind you how old you really are.

Now you have the reasons why paint correction is paramount, for professional ceramic to perform.

In the next article, I will discuss the ceramic “primer” polish step. This creates adhesion, for the 100% pure ceramic, to create a tremendous paint bonding effect and paint smoothness.

This beautiful 1955 Chevy 150, owned by David Clayton of Largo took 17.5 hours to achieve this flawless shine.  Equipped with a 383 Stroker with dual quads pumping out 425 horsepower, backed by a Tremec TKO600 5 speed and Dana 60 rearend.  Upgraded with four wheel disc brakes, Dakota digital dash, Foose wheels, and of course air conditioning.

Worried about leaving your car at a shop and searching for a ride to and from, Steve solves that problem…he comes to you.  He has the tools and will travel.  Give him a call at (727) 823-2500 or

Ceramic Coating 2Ceramic Coating 2 Ceramic Coating 2 Ceramic Coating 2

Author: Tara

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